Client Success

Class sizes are small, trainers are experts in the system, and the program is able to tailor-fit the training to the kind of business that the customer has—food and beverage, for example, or retail. And if companies aren’t fit to come into regular training courses, ad hoc training requests are accommodated to fit unique needs. Instructors go to clients’ offices to train just executives, middle managers, or operations—everything is very specific to the user. A lot of importance on retention—the Client Success team isn’t satisfied with training clients once then leaving them to figure everything else on their own. If clients want a refresher course or want to attend training again, all their re-certifications are free.

Are you looking for a training partner?
Our Client Success team works closely with our partners to develop unique training programs that focus on comprehension and retention.

Are you currently using our solutions?
We have available training classes and certifications for PayrollHero and PipelineDeals.

One-on-one account management is unique compared to the typical support that comes with any cloud solution. From the time clients make their purchase until they’re experts at using it, they have one point person who helps take them through the whole process of onboarding. That person doesn’t just ensure that clients use the system, but that they maximize it for their business, and that they are able to adopt it as fast as possible.

For support, Client Success provides as wide of a range of channels as possible. In addition to video calls, phone support, and text messaging, the team also makes client visits so they don’t miss out on any comments, suggestions, or feedback from a client.

Bridge Southeast Asia provides Powerful SAAS Technology + Unparalleled Customer Support to businesses in the region.

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