Automate the front-end of recruitment by processing thousands of candidates in seconds, multiplying the effectiveness of even just one recruiter.

Features of Kalibrr ATS Premium include:

  • Unlimited invites per day — maximize your access to our candidates database.
  • Recruiting in the Cloud with Kalibrr’s full-featured Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Send SMS to candidates from within Kalibrr for instant outreach, and download CSV reports on candidates.
  • Customize the way you hire by adding custom pipeline states, setting up automatic messages, and creating custom application forms.
  • Collaborate with your team within the Kalibrr platform by forwarding resumes to teammates with no Kalibrr accounts, commenting on candidate profiles, tagging colleagues, and viewing recruiter activity for each candidate.

Kalibrr provides hands on and personalized training for each company depending on the size of their recruitment teams. Upon sign-up, every company gets access to an online onboarding tour, as well as access to some education resources. Training consists of four parts:

  • Walkthrough of the Kalibrr Platform (based on package/features purchased)
  • Hands on activity: setting up your job posts, automations and recruitment pipelines
  • Consultation session: familiarity with clients' current recruitment processes
  • Best Practices Discussion

Training is usually a one-session program, but for larger recruitment teams it may be more days because Kalibrr sets schedules in batches. One session usually lasts for an hour, but it may extend to 2-3 hours depending on the size of the team and the number of questions asked. Larger companies come with 1-2 refresher courses at a quarterly basis (or dependent on what is applicable to their contract duration). For most companies, there is an additional cost for more training sessions.

“It was so easy to use plus so much more cost-effective than other job boards.” —Jojo de la Cruz, San Miguel

“Kalibrr has been awesome so far in terms of making my recruitment job 10x easier and more efficient.” —Robin Leonard, Allfamous Digital

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