Sales pipeline visibility, activity-tracking, and customer data management are just some of the benefits of using customer resource management (CRM) software.

Features of PipelineDeals include:

Customizable Deal Stages and Custom Fields
Tailor-fit your sales process and filter relevant business information easily.

Personalized Mass Emailing
Accelerate your connection with target prospects and clients through a one-click mass emailing system.

Native iOS & Android Applications
Keep track of important deals on-the-go with mobile and tablet applications.

Sales Workflow Automation
Standardize your workflow through step-by-step sales templates to create consistent results.

Multi-dimensional Sales Reports Page
Scale and monitor your sales numbers through a top-notch report analytics page.

The strategies and tools of sales today are very different from those of the past. Successful sales teams achieve more closes and greater conversion rates with the use of technology.

How does one exactly learn how to maximize technology for sales?
How do I leverage technology to generate and manage leads?
How do I track the sales activities of my team?
How do I know if my sales pipeline is move forward?

These are just some of the questions we answer in our Tech-Powered Sales Training, a forward-looking explanation of modern sales techniques and how to effectively use your CRM to achieve the goal that matters most: sales growth.

“I started using Pipeline Deals when we only had two sales people. Now, we have about 11 users. We’ve had incredible growth and the software has been very useful in tracking all our leads while we manage our client growth. In sales, it's a numbers game, so it's easy to get lost with all the potential leads you're dealing with and not be able to nurture them properly. Having a CRM tool like PipelineDeals helps manage those and put them in the right stages so you know what type of interactions to have with those leads.” — Natasha Villaroman, Kalibrr

Introducing Pipeline Deals,
used by more than 3,400 companies around the world.

Pipeline Deals - used by more than 3,400 companies around the world

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