Bridge Southeast Asia

Day: October 22, 2018

Providing the Most Affordable Payroll Solution with GCash

Bridge PayDay is partnering with GCash, the leading micropayment service in the Philippines, to provide a highly affordable end-to-end payroll solution. PayDay + GCash users enjoy the combined the benefits of a full outsourced solution, from time and attendance all the way to finalized payroll, as well as the financial convenience of GCash.

Our partners using GCash can use Powerpay+, a disbursement facility that allows you to payout salaries, allowance, and commissions more conveniently and securely, with No Average Daily Balance and in real-time.

More Than Just Disbursements

While employers can use GCash for disbursements, employees with a GCash card will be able to utilize the power of technology and services. You will be able to buy load, send money, pay bills and so much more for free!

PayDay customer with GCash will receive their own GCash EMV cards, that can be used in any BancNet ATM, and have their own GCash accounts. This will make payments and all other transactions easier and hassle free.

PayDay + GCash is excellent for employers and advantageous for employees!

Making Work-Life Better with GCash

At Bridge, we believe that making work-life better is the path to better and stronger organizations. We do this by empowering people with technology and services. Our partnership GCash allows to take this mission even further.

To make everyday things a lot easier, #GCashMoNaYan with Bridge PayDay. Contact us at and see what Bridge PayDay can do for your company.