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Day: April 12, 2019

Workplace Misconceptions of Fresh Job Seekers

Fresh job seekers nowadays are looking for perfection in companies they want to work for. After all, doesn’t want career exposure, good salary, and great benefits? However, they should be realistic in looking for the companies that will help them jumpstart their careers.

Usually, most of fresh job seekers have an ideal mindset that once they enter the corporate world, they can land the position, salary, and dream company in an instant. Some thought that they can get it all once they graduated from college, but of course, reality hits them when they don’t get selected on their first job interview. Here we listed down common misconceptions that can impact our fresh job seekers, and how to break these ideals.

You can land on the career you want on the first try  

Initial interview is the key for job seekers to get their desired career. They should be realistic on the position they want to have, being able to attain the qualifications needed. Some think that they can choose and get their desired position in just one try, but in reality, some do get it for the first time, some don’t. It all boils down on how they handle their first job interview, and if the position they applied for is aligned with the degree they studied.

You can get the job easily because you have good scholastic records 

According to Forbes “When it comes to the workforce, skills that you bring to the table matter more than your GPA.” Job seekers tend to want lots of things whenever they are looking for a stable career. Who doesn’t want good salary and benefits, right? At the end of the day, it will depend on their work dedication and experience prior to the job they are applying for.

You can use the company as a stepping stone to better your skills and then just move on to the next

Some just take advantage of the company to showcase their skills and be familiarized with the operations workaround, so that in the future, they can use it as an edge in applying to the next company. Interviewers need the commitment of the applcants. If the interviewer asks you why you want to join the company, it should be because you are seeking your long term goals with them.  Remember that it’s always a give-and-take scenario.

You can get into a managerial position in an instant  

There are candidates who want to be in managerial position right away, but they just graduated from college. In the corporate perspective, you need to gain experience first, get lots of training to undergo, and of course, excellent performance in your roles and responsibilities.

You can choose your boss  

Once the candidates get the position they applied for, sometimes, the other challenge they have to face is working with their leader. It’s either they easily have a harmonious working relationship with them, or they don’t connect at all. The truth of the matter is, regardless of the kind of leader that one has, it takes patience, perseverance, and actually knowing your work and personal values that will make you be fulfilled in the career path that you chose.

Fresh job seekers should break these misconceptions for them to land the career they want to pursue. They can strategize their career by being specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and has time bound in plotting their future.

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David on Starting Your Career When starting your career, don’t make a huge mistake many first-time workers make, which is, beginning with expectations. Too many young workers start out with expectations of what work should be like, what a boss should be like, what a colleague should be like, and what a customer should be like. This inevitably leads to frustration and disappointment when things don’t go as expected. Instead, start out humbly and hungry. Be someone who is open to new experiences, even tough ones, and someone who is hungry to learn, to grow, and to contribute. You’ll adjust better to your new role and your career will thank you for it. - David Bonifacio is the CEO and Founder of Bridge

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