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Day: June 14, 2019

Is Your Workplace Gen Z Ready?

With Millennials now becoming today’s managers, supervisors, even higher-level executives, a new generation is now entering the workforce. Dubbed “Gen Z,” these young individuals were generally born after 1995, making the oldest of them around 24 years of age today.

Here are a couple of things you should know about Gen Z-ers, who are, in some ways, decidedly different from their Millennial predecessors:

They value face-to-face communication despite their digital savvy

A global survey commissioned by Dell EMC reveals that Filipino Gen Z-ers are the most confident in their tech know-how compared to their Southeast Asian peers. However, Gen Z-ers equally value the human element, preferring face-to-face communication with their employers and colleagues. As such, regular feedback and evaluation might best be given to them in person rather than through an e-mail or a filled-up form.

They are motivated by healthy competition

While Millennials thrive in constant coaching and team time, Gen Z-ers welcome healthy competition and independence. They don’t mind taking the “DIY” approach to tasks or the self-directed path to learning. To build on this mindset, consider employing gamification as a training tool, engaging Gen Z-ers’ competitive spirit with rewards and gratification in the short run, and ultimately improving productivity in the long run.

But even with these promising traits, the same study by Dell EMC reports that Filipino Gen Z-ers in particular are worried about their employment prospects, primarily rooted in their lack of confidence in their readiness to enter the workforce, as well as the fear of generational clashes that could result in relational conflicts.

At Bridge, we’re focused on helping Gen Z-ers and improving the workplace through Force, which offers managed recruitment and staff development solutions. Keeping in mind the changing faces of the workforce and each organization’s unique staffing needs, we help you find your best candidates for each role, from sourcing and marketing to hiring and onboarding. We also offer an internship partnership program to help prepare fresh talents for life in the workplace.

We believe that every organization’s most important asset is its people. By understanding and embracing Gen Z, we have the opportunity to prepare and train this next generation to be valuable contributors to your company’s mission.

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David on Multigenerational Teams When we started Bridge, I was in my early 30s and the average age of our leadership team was 26 years old. Today, the average age of our leadership team at Bridge is 41 years old! From the beginning, we did not want to build an organization only for the old, or only for the young, only for millennials, or only for one generation. Realizing that we needed the experience and expertise of older team members combined with the creativity and energy of younger ones, we wanted to design a culture that harnessed different people from different backgrounds, different generations, and different ages. Now, the worst way to do this is by trying to incorporate a hodgepodge of different requests. That’s the fastest way to end up with a Frankenstein culture. Instead, we decided to focus on the Timeless, the things that are important to all of us no matter what age. When hiring and evaluating, we look for hunger, for understanding, diligence, and empowerment in all our people. It doesn’t matter what the person’s age is, as long as they live by The Bridge Way, we are happy to have them at Bridge. - David Bonifacio is the CEO and Founder of Bridge

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