6 Ways to Better Email Marketing

6 Ways to Better Email Marketing

Throughout the substantial amount of time people spend in front of their computers, they are constantly barraged by emails from unwanted subscriptions. So if you’re marketing through email, how exactly do you make yours stand out?

With that question in mind, we put together some tips on how to actually keep your audience interested and transform them from recipients into clients.


This is your first moment of truth, so make an impression. Most of the time, readers will decide to click on or automatically delete your message based on the subject line. Let them know what your email is about–keep it meaningful but brief. Some good entry points could start with conversational types of headers, topics that present a sense of urgency or a unique or limited offer. Just be careful not to sound too personal as it could run the risk of breaching private information, which could turn off a potential client.

Being content-heavy does not mean your emails have to be text-heavy too. Many readers respond to messages that are dynamic. When there is more for the eye to see, the longer they will scan your emails and the greater the chance for response and awareness.

Try techniques as simple as infographics and elaborate tables and charts. To further draw the attention of your reader to the most important facts, try highlighting the information inside vectors and labels!


Now we don’t you to overload your emails with pure graphics and confusing templates. Find a balance between words and images and lay them out so the reader has a pleasant time scrolling until the very end. Find images, fonts, colors that are soothing and easy on the eyes. Pattern them after your company’s theme or motif to further reinforce your brand.

6 Ways to Better Email Marketing


A study released late last year revealed that more than 45% of emails are opened using mobiles. It is not such a shocking number considering we are in the age of the smartphone and everything is so fast-paced. Naturally, people will multitask and look for ways to conduct business and save minutes of valuable time. Format your emails for ease of access and to fit mobile templates.


Having a clear target market is essential for any business to succeed. You have to observe them and use any analytics tool you have to get to know your audience better. This way, it is easier to structure your emails in ways that are sure to appeal to the readers. Are the click through and opens more frequent during weekends or weekdays? At night or during the day? What time at night – 9pm? Information like this is valuable so you know which angle and method is most hard-hitting and effective in turning communication into commerce.


Once you have a clearer grasp on who exactly your target market is, make sense of the data you have collected. It is a good idea to group certain types of people together under a specific marketing strategy you know works best for them. Measure the growth of your reach and compare which type of style garners the most concrete results. This will help you make an informed decision when setting goals and expectations for your product or company. It is also a good tip to save these values and pin them on an easily accessible area to serve as your motivation to keep on expanding.


One of the best things about online marketing is that creativity can be far outstretched. Try different approaches when sending an email to your subscribers. Send promos and coupons once in a while or inject some humor and interesting games (that are connected to your product, of course). It is important to stop the monotony of the emails to keep your audience attracted and interested in you – give them that sense of excitement when they see your name in their inbox. It might be a good idea as well to set a calendar and mark which days you will send a “surprise” email. That way, you can keep track of all the materials you will need to prepare ahead of time.

That’s it! Simple and easy-to-do steps that can make all the difference in making you stand out as an email marketer!