How To (Easily) Build Your First Million

Mathematically speaking, saving for your first million pesos is going to be the hardest to achieve. After the first million, getting to 2-Million and then 4-Million is going to be easier because you already have something to work with.

So how do we get over that hurdle and set ourselves up for a life of abundance? Here are three tips you can consider:

Start Early

When it comes to building wealth, your best ally is time. While it is true that you need money to make money, you can start building your first million with the one capital that all of us was given and in this case, that’s you. As soon as you start receiving your first paycheck, you should already put aside something. Do not wait until you are near your retirement age for you to start putting aside money. If you are a working student and/or a fresh graduate (and you are reading this article now), you are at a great advantage.  While you are money-poor, you are time-rich. And that is more than enough.

Pay Your (Future) Self First

You probably heard of this more than a couple of times. But it is true and it will make more sense if you add the word ‘future’ in that saying. After all, the reason you should really be saving is for your future. Who will reap the benefits of your savings today? Still you! This actually puts a positive spin on the old Filipino saying that goes, “Ubos biyaya, bukas nakatungaga”—loosely translated, it just says that if you spend all your blessings today, you have nothing for tomorrow.

Automate Your Savings

The less work you have to do to put money aside, the more you can get done. Automating your savings will create an instant and disciplined approach to your savings and overall finances. Another advantage of automating your savings is that it allows you to set money aside every time you receive your pay check, and it takes out a portion of your income from your expense account. That account that pays for everything you spend on.

Unfortunately for Filipinos, most of the available payroll systems do not offer a way to split our payroll into various accounts. You have to do it yourself. How can you start? What are your options to start and automate your savings today? Access provides a platform that can help you automate your savings.  For as low as Php 150.00 per pay day, you are already on your way to building your wealth. But don’t get stuck on that Php 150 every cut-off. If anything, that’s just really for you to get your savings habit started.

Personal finance is personal. And we are in varying financial stages. But these three tips are applicable to all of us. Most especially to those who are just starting their first job and those who are gainfully employed.

If you are interested in doing these three things, give us a call, or send me an email at Better yet, tell your HR Department that we are more than willing to drop by and share how we can help you build your first million.



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