Free eBook: Sales Hacking for Starters

Free eBook: Sales Hacking for Starters

You have a great product that answers a real market need. You have an empowered team that knows what’s expected of them—and does them. But why are you not getting the lead volume that you feel you deserve? Why is your sales process getting longer and more drawn out?

As you sit waiting for just one return call, in other parts of the world, tech and software companies are raking in hundreds of leads daily, seemingly without effort. It’s as if they have their lead generation on autopilot and they are merely waiting for the return.

But it takes a lot of innovation to reach this stage. These companies have undergone hundreds of tweaks in their sales and marketing process, and they use data and technology to their advantage. Along the way, they have “hacked” some rules in the sales playbook, too.

Bridge is fortunate enough to be partners with PipelineDeals, a leading sales and CRM software, that has covered the Sales Hacker Conference through their blog. Every year, the top B2B tech salespeople in the United States gather for the Sales Hacker Conference, where insider sales secrets and hacks are shared within the community, ushering us all to the new era of sales.

This eBook covers five topics from the conference, all showing actionable hacks that you can already start implementing in your sales teams.

We hope that you’re inspired by these articles shared with us by PipelineDeals. The world of sales is going to get even more exciting, and you surely do not want to get left behind.

The e-book covers 5 main topics:

  • The Top 5 Ways that Salespeople are Hacking Sales
  • Maximizing Reponse Rates from Executives
  • A Roadmap to Your Leads
  • Building Outbound Sales Through Predictable Revenue
  • Customer Success as Growth Engine