What Makes One Marketable? A Major Key In Creating Customers

At some point in our lives, we want people to be interested in us. Likewise, we want to meet interesting people. On a more practical aspect, being liked is a major key for success. Even those who are “perceived” to be unliked are also liked in other circles because of certain factors. Marketability is something each person wants to strive for regardless if they’re conscious of it or not.

From a business standpoint, closing a deal is not only contingent from the message the marketing team is sending. The other end is dependent on how a sales person delivers the message. A major factor of this delivery is the rapport that one builds, which contributes the marketability of the person. People buy from people they like so it is key to build one’s own brand.

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I’ve gotten a bunch of experiences where people approach me and sell some random things. Before I say something useful, they’ve already finished their piece as they try to shove their product down my throat without knowing whether I like it or not. Here’s the thing: I don’t like it.

Not all will like you or your product, and that’s okay! On the bright side, it also means that there will be some that will do. Being disliked by some circles is fine because you can’t really please everyone.

While this is a fact of life, it is still essential to identify those whom you’d create a fit with. To find these people, the key is to listen.

Different people have different tastes, which makes it important to find the ones you identify and associate yourself with. Think of it as a starting a relationship with a new friend– you get acquainted because of similar experiences that you go through that allows you to know more about the person. When you know more about the person, chances are they’ve liked you enough to share information about their business.


In sales, there’s no denying that money is a big motivator. While this is true, salespeople undermine the role their prospective customers play in the set-up.

Part of being genuine is actually putting interest in what others have to say. By doing this, you open yourself to the opportunity of creating a relationship with your counterpart, which is integral in building your marketability. Expressing interest will make the other person feel that they are important enough for you. Once this relationship is established, the trust created leads to opportunities for more business.

Taking interest also means having the ability to listen to people you speak to. The more you are able to listen, the higher the chance the person will like talking to you more. Put it this way, if people know you’re interested in what they’re saying, they’ll most certainly be interested in what your response will be.


From time to time, I encounter salespeople who have a hard time expressing themselves and end up blowing the conversation apart. This usually happens when they say something they’re not sure of and get lost as they push on.

Personally, I believe a person’s authenticity is comprised of experienceknowledge, and honesty.  Often times, we try hard to please a person by being someone else or by saying things that we are not supposed to be saying. While this is something that can be sustained short-term, trust will be lost once the authenticity is gone. It’s great to note that people listen to you when they sense that you know what you are talking about.

In the end, likeability or the lack thereof can affect businesses in more ways than you can imagine. While you can’t please everyone, knowing your audience, taking interest in others, and being authentic are few points to consider when trying to increase marketability. Always remember, people do business with people they like.



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