What is Client Success?

Without a doubt in mind, the world has reached a new level of technological advancement. Smartphones, with nearly the same computing power as that of a desktop or a laptop, can now fit in your pocket. Services that humans typically provide are being replaced by software and technology that can achieve the same results, or even better, at a lower cost for both consumers and businesses. Whether the effect of this advancement on us is positive or negative is up for another discussion, but it is safe to say that there are certain consequences that follow this advancement.

The evolution of technology does not necessarily signify the evolution of men. There is still a substantial amount of people to date that are not as tech savvy. To put it simply, buying a Ferrari when one does not know how to drive renders the Ferrari useless despite all the perks and benefits it can offer. The same can be said for technology. A great deal of people aspire to purchase and use this new software and technology in hopes of making their lives and workplaces better, but that won’t be the case if one does not understand and know how to use it properly. This is where Client Success (CS) or as some may say, Customer Success, comes in the picture.

One can argue that if it’s called Software as a Service, then why do we need still need assistance for it? Well, as mentioned in one of our blogs written by CEO David Bonifacio entitled, For SaaS in Southeast Asia, it’s Software AND a Service:

“Unlike countries such as the United States, Australia, and Canada, which are very “Do-It-Yourself” because labor costs are high, Southeast Asian nations aren’t. We have other people do everything for us.”


However, let us not forget that although there is a ton of SaaS products available, it does not guarantee that the purchaser has enough knowledge and experience in using the said product, as mentioned earlier.

This is why CS is needed — to be able to guide these owners, and empower them in such a way that they can use these SaaS solutions with ease, on their own.

Client Success is a new and essential role developed across the SaaS and B2B (Business to Business) industry. Its role is crucial in the sense that not only do they need to have an in-depth understanding of the technology offered, but also an in-depth understanding of the client, the client’s wants, and their goals relative to the technology being used.

Acquiring a customer is merely the first step in what should be a long-term relationship, therefore, it is the job of CS to make sure that the clients are happy in the long run. One can say that the pinnacle of CS is to be able to get referrals from clients. The epitome of customer happiness and satisfaction is if referrals are being provided — clients only provide referrals if they are happy with the products and services being offered. Ultimately, nothing beats a client that is well satisfied.

The role of CS goes above and beyond making clients happy. They can also help in the generation of proper leads, but to sum it all up and keep things simple, here are the 4 main things that a CS member must be able to achieve:

  1. A deep understanding of the product being offered
  2. A deep understanding of the client
  3. An analysis of how the product can address each client’s specific needs
  4. Referrals from clients

An organization with a great CS team can rest assured that the business will grow because it will create a long-lasting relationship with customers, and that is something every company values. 



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