Empowering HR With Managed Payroll

While most are familiar with their Human Resources department, very little is known about their work apart from record-keeping, compliance, processing leaves, and interviewing and hiring (and firing) people.

But HR teams can go beyond typical tasks and step into big-picture roles when they are empowered, thus becoming an integral part of the business. Here are some of the things empowered HR teams can do:

Take Part In Shaping Strategy

HR employees who understand the link between employee experience and business growth and revenue help develop ways forward that reflect the value of people and processes to the organization.

Champion Culture

Great HR teams recognize that they have a strategic platform to build, enforce, defend, and advocate culture that reflects the organization’s mission and values.

Support Or Help Lead Transitions

Insightful HR practitioners are open to strategic adjustments, whether it’s improving daily HR-specific functions or helping in major organizational transitions through change management.

But a quick visit to your HR headquarters may show you a reality that keeps them from taking on these roles: employees are bogged down by endless paperwork and administrative tasks, the costliest and most time-consuming of which is payroll.

A good way to address this would be to consider a managed payroll solution for your organization. You can invest in powerful software for leave and schedule management and accurate timekeeping; go for outsourced payroll, turning over your data to reliable organizations and certified payroll professionals to compute your employees’ salaries; or opt for a combination of both.

The best payroll management system combines powerful technology, expert services, and business intelligence, providing not just the tools that do the job, but also offering credible insights for better decision-making.

Here at Bridge, we offer managed payroll that does end-to-end servicing from timekeeping to payout with PayDay. Whether you choose to go with software, outsourced payroll, or both, we work alongside you to make this HR function stress-free, reducing human error, saving a big chunk of executive time, and increasing productivity and efficiency.

Leave the heavy payroll lifting to us and release your HR team to partner and collaborate with you in pursuing your company’s mission.

If you’d like to know more about a managed payroll solution for your business, we’d love to help you. Send us a message at or visit


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