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The New Normal: Incorporate Life Into Your Work’s New Normal

We’re launching a series to discuss work’s new normal. We hear those two words a lot as we navigate the effects of the Coronavirus, and I think it’s important that we are deliberate about designing our new normal. The new normal, whatever that actually is, includes greater use of technology and the application of new best practices (some actually having already been used for a while). But one thing I want to make sure we don’t miss is the chance to redesign a kind of work that is tangibly more impactful, more inclusive, and addresses inequality, ideas corporations and titans of industry pay lip service to but haven’t actually attacked with the same energy they’ve applied to earnings growth. I think both can be bridged, and we have a chance to design that bridge as we rethink what work looks like.

In this first post, I share a little on my motivation for work, which is to create and capture massive value, and my criteria for value. I also share on how my concept of value has shifted from something primarily material and inert into something more people-oriented and living. Hope this podcast encourages you to incorporate not just the best ideas of productivity but also the concept of valuing life as a core part of work.

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