At the “And of the World”

"After 3 years of quietly building Bridge, I’m very excited to share what we have been up to.” - David Bonifacio

“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” – Aristotle

“In our part of the world, seeing a beggar on the street, driving past a naked baby running out of a shanty, or hearing stories of families suffering from generational debt, are too common. It’s easy to become desensitized, to simply turn a blind eye, and to busy oneself with our own concerns. I’m happy that our team has joined the ranks of those who choose to do something to improve the lives of others.”
– Janna De Guzman, We Dream of Access

After 3 years of quietly building Bridge, I’m very excited to share what we have been up to. To many clients, we are simply the best and most affordable payroll solution, combining technology and local expertise in a low-cost package. To other clients, particularly technology companies, we are a “Needle Factory”, a talent development partner, placing hires predictably, unlike traditional “Needle in a Haystack” recruitment firms. To thousands of employees, we are an incredible benefits partner, giving them access to low-cost products and services, including loans and investments.

To put things simply, we are a People Technology Company. Our foundational services are for Human Resources, including payroll, staffing, and recruitment. We layer this with a great value-add: Bridge Access, a fintech platform that makes amazing products and services available to every worker. In emerging countries, like the Philippines, who only have a 5% credit card penetration, and are charged interest rates as high as 20% a month and 3% a day. This is huge for both customers and merchants.

If you would like more information on our services, I’ve included links to the specific pages:
1. Payday (payroll services)
2. Recruitment (IDC Manpower subsidiary)
3. Access Benefits

I really truly feel that our company is at the “AND of the world”, meaning we are at the forefront of a greater movement of inclusivity, connectivity, and access. What others see as separate, even competing, ideas, we look for ways to build a bridge.

Most lenders, even digital lenders, charge high interest for “risky” loans. We built a Bridge to give the “underbanked” loans AND low rates.

In a country with the majority of e-commerce still being cash-based, we partnered with the leading players in the field to build a Bridge for payroll payments.

In a world that’s losing human jobs to technology, we built a Bridge that provides software AND services.

In the tug of war between financial profits and social benefits, we built a Bridge here as well, a sustainable and scalable model that earns more as it helps more.

I invite you to come and join us at the “AND of the world.” Let’s find ways to work together. I’m sure we can find amazing ways to connect. We are Bridge after all.

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